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No, you're not looking at a work of art, but a drilling revolution! PLASMABIT is a unique technology based on the electric arc principle that can penetrate any material, giving you access to geothermal energy wherever you are and whenever you want. Contactless plasma drilling is a greener, faster way of getting clean, renewable energy from the depths of the earth than conventional methods. This cost-cutting, deep-drilling technology has been developed by Slovak experts, helping bring energy to the people. Ideas from Slovakia, Good Idea.

Do you dream of a self-sufficient life beyond civilization? No problem - a group of young Slovak architects had a brainwave and the result is a unique and briliant solution.

Their Ecocapsule brings together a compact, energy efficient design, with off-grid capacity, a luxurious bed, running water and hot meals - Good Idea!

Electricity anywhere, anytime? Chargebrella is a unique portable electricity generator for recharging those favorite gadgets you just can't go without. It produces eletricicty from heat alone. It's guaranteed to become your favourite companion when travelling to places where you have to make do without sockets. Innovations from Slovakia - Good Idea!

Do you want to present your company at EXPO Astana?




Take the opportunity to organize your professional seminars, conferences, workshops, bilateral meetings and business missions.

The challenge is in effect until 15 May 2017

International exhibition EXPO 2017 in Astana offers promising business opportunities and significant potential in energy cooperation with the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the regions of Central Asia and other economies of the world participating in the international exhibition.

In order to present Slovak business potential will be realized business missions under the auspices of various government departments:

- 19 - 23 June 2017 - business mission under the auspices of the Ministry Education, Science, Research and Sport SR and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development SR

- 17 - 20 July 2017 - business mission under the auspices of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs SR, led by Secretary of State Lukáš Pařízek

Interest of other Slovak businesses of presentation and participation at EXPO 2017 will be handled on an individual basis, with the inclusion in the calendar of events at EXPO 2017

Individual businesses missions (there are up to 15 subjects), the presentation of self-governing regions, institutions, as well as organization of workshops, mini-conferences, seminars offered at the following terms:

26 - 30 June 2017

3 - 7 July 2017

1 - 6 August 2017

21 - 25 August 2017

Despite the above deadline there is a possibility of submitting deadlines for other missions at EXPO2017, on the condition of mutual approval of date with the organizer.

Coordination, recruitment SMEs in Slovakia for the above missions, ensuring Kazakh partners for negotiations will be carried out in cooperation with SARIO. 


Slovak Innovation Potential

- Successful projects -

Ecocapsule: Beautiful, self-sustainable, intelligent micro-home

Tomáš Manina, © Ecocapsule Holding
Tomáš Manina, © Ecocapsule Holding

Ecocapsule is optimized for easy transportation. It can fit into a standard shipping container and therefore can be easily shipped globally with the lowest shipping fees possible. The specially designed trailer enables transportation of the Ecocapsule with a passenger car, turning it into a fully functional caravan.

Ecocapsule is a company that strongly believes in sustainable development. We offer a housing alternative that fully utilizes the latest technological innovative solutions, but at the same time minimizes negative impact on the environment.

Tomáš Manina, © Ecocapsule Holding
Tomáš Manina, © Ecocapsule Holding

Ecocapsule is a self-sustainable intelligent micro-home, which utilises solar and wind energy. It allows people to live in remote places out of reach of infrastructure, while retaining a high level of living comfort. It can be used as a cottage, a pop-up hotel, caravan, even as a charging station for electric cars.

Ecocapsule is powered by a dual system of energy production, which - in connection with high-capacity batteries - ensures energetic self-sufficiency even in the case of a temporary lack of sources. Ecocapsule also has an electric plug, enabling to charge the batteries from an external electric source if needed.

The spherical shape of Ecocapsule is designed to maximize the collection of rain water and dew. The water filters consequently ensure the transformation of water from any natural source into drinking water. The design of the outer shell also minimizes energy loss. Hollow walls filled with high-performance thermal insulation protect inhabitants from harsh environment and help achieve a performance almost on the level of a passive house. The energy recuperation system enables to reduce energy consumption and extend the life span of the micro-home. Furthermore, the unique and original design makes Ecocapsule into a piece of art that stands out in every environment.

In accordance with the ideas of sustainable development, the company is trying to produce everything locally in their home country. Slovakia is full of talented people with innovative ideas. At the EXPO 2017 exhibition, the creators want to show how Ecocapsule could look in a furnished state. They present a selection of products of daily use created by some of the country's best young designers and producers. The products placed inside the capsule include works by: Puojd, Allt, si.li., ecoheart, Patrik Illo, Arli, Xerry, Mylo and Material Basic.

Ecocapsule Holding



Chargebrella in a nutshell

Chargebrella is a portable electricity generator which is able to charge any type of mobile devices such as phones, tablets, cameras or GPS systems.

It offers a solution for thosewho happen to be in places with no or limited access to electricity sources.

Chargebrella is a patented technology and award winning startup which was selected among TOP 3 projects at the Business Idea 2016 in Slovakia. Our team is currently finalising prototype - users' version based on successfully tested laboratory prototype.

The thermo-generator Chargebrella can be used in two ways:

1. During sunny days, the Chargebrella is able to produce electricity thanks to the reflective material on the umbrella, focusing the heat from sunlight into the handle. The handle which serves as a generator then transforms the heat into electricity.

2. During rainy days or at night, where there is a lack of - or no solar energy at all - the device can produce electricity from various sources, such as the heat of a campfire.

How does it work?

Chargebrella can charge any portable devices as quickly as other chargers or USB port.

Technically, it is a thermoelectric generator which produces electricity from alternative and renewable energy sources - specifically from different sources of heat such as sunlight, fire heat or other sources of heat above 250 °C / 482 °F.

Who can Chargebrella help?

Professionals working outdoors / in extreme conditions- rescuers, humanitarian aid workers, speleologists, journalists...

People spending time in places with no or limited access to electricity - extreme sportsmen, travellers, photographers, visitors of outdoor festivals...